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Additional Site Rules for Seasonal Pitches

The General Site Rules for York Meadows should be adhered to when staying at York Meadows; ALL rules apply to seasonal customers.

1. Subletting & resale

Subletting and pitch resale is not permitted.

2. Advertising signs

‘For Sale’ signs (or other advertising signs) are not permitted to be displayed in your caravan window.

3. Electric

Electric must be disconnected when your caravan is unoccupied and electric cable to be wrapped up. Only one electric hook up is permitted per caravan.

4. Securing your caravan

All caravans must have hitch lock or wheel clamp fitted when left unattended.

5. Removing your caravan

If removing your caravan from the Park during the season, please inform reception of your leaving and return dates.

6. Pitch vacancy

If your pitch is vacant at any time during the season we reserve the right to use the pitch for touring caravans.

7. Keeping your pitch tidy

All caravans and pitches to be kept clean and tidy. The edge of all hardstandings to be kept clear of decorative or personal items, including solar lights, and windbreaks which may impede grass cutting.

8. Permitted works

Any form of digging, planting, building or erection of structures on or around your pitch is not permitted unless agreed by specific, written prior authorisation from York Meadows Caravan Park.

9. Size limits

Caravan plus awning total width not to exceed 5 metres. Seasonal caravan maximum length including tow hitch is 7.5 metres (or 6.4 metres excluding tow hitch).

10. Cars

Only one car is permitted per seasonal pitch. Additional charges may apply for any extra cars or tents.

11. Valuables in awnings

Do not leave valuables in awnings, York Meadows takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal items left in awnings or unattended outdoors.

12. Rubbish bins

York Meadows rubbish bins are provided for rubbish created whilst staying at York Meadows. Please help control this escalating environmental and financial cost by using local recycling centres wherever possible.

13. Insurance

It is mandatory for owners to insure their caravan whilst located at York Meadows. The caravan park insurance policy does not cover any of your property.

14. Liability

All customers, guests and visitors enter the Park at their own risk. The Park does not accept any liability for personal injury, inconvenience, loss of property or damage to property which may occur when in use, in transit, in storage or when staying at York Meadows, caused outside the reasonable control of the Park owner.