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Additional Site Rules for Holiday Home Owners

1. Subletting

Subletting is not permitted; only immediate family are permitted users.

2. General site rules

The General Site Rules for York Meadows should be read and adhered to when staying at York Meadows; they ALL apply to holiday home owners.

3. Holiday purposes only

The Park and caravans are for holiday purposes only and must not be used as a place of residence.

4. Resales & replacements

“For sale” notices shall not be posted without prior discussion with us. Any caravan resale/replacement must be managed through and approved by York Meadows.

5. Maximum age of static caravans

The maximum age of caravans allowed is 20 years old. No resale is permitted after 15 years old.

6. Keeping pitches clean & tidy

All caravans and pitches are to be kept clean and tidy. We will cut grass around the pitch but it is your responsibility to cut grass under and around the caravan. The edge of the hardstanding is to always be clear of items eg. solar lights, to ensure ease of mowing. A charge will be levied if work is required by us in your absence.

7. Rubbish bins

York Meadows rubbish bins are only provided for rubbish created whilst staying at York Meadows. Please help control this escalating environmental and financial cost by using local recycling centres wherever possible.

8. Permitted works

Any form of digging, planting, building, erection of structures on or around your pitch is not allowed unless by specific prior authorisation.

9. Balconies

Holiday Homes with timber balconies should be either unstained or stained in a dark oak colour.

10. Cars

Only two cars are permitted for each holiday home pitch.

11. Insurance

Third party/public liability caravan insurance is mandatory. By paying your pitch fees you confirm you have this insurance.

We recommend that a ‘new for old’ insurance policy (for full reinstatement value) should be purchased, as York Meadows policy is to only accept new static caravans onto the site, not second hand.

12. Gas safety certificate

An up to date gas safety certificate is strongly recommended for your caravan.

13. Groundskeeping

We do not accept liability for minor damage which may be caused during ordinary groundskeeping activity eg. mowing/hedge cutting, which by nature, occurs in very close proximity to your caravan.

14. Liability

The Park does not accept any responsibility for personal injury, inconvenience, loss of property or damage to property which may occur when in use, in transit, in storage or when staying at York Meadows, caused outside the reasonable control of the park owner.